Wisdom Wednesday With Julian Kasir

Looking to buy or sell a home in the South Bay? Julian Kasir stresses the importance of goal setting and has two important tips for would-be home buyers and sellers: know what you want and why you want it. “Real estate can be a stressful process.”, he says. “If your motivation is low, little problems may come up and you'll see them as big roadblocks rather than tiny speed bumps.” We are proud to welcome Julian as a new member of our team - he is here to walk you through every detail of each real estate transaction, expertly navigating the process along the way.

Julian moved to the South Bay after graduating with a degree in Economics from UC Davis...living by the beach has always been one of his many goals. He immediately fell in love with the area’s great food, wonderful weather and beach volleyball - now his favorite sport to play with friends. (For people new to the area, he’s got all the best food recommendations!) For Julian, the best part is being able to live, work and play in the place he loves.

Julian brings his sales and negotiating prowess to Caskey & Caskey and Associates via a career at one of the top three recruiting firms in the world, as well as within the fast-growing software industry. Julian worked with VPs of Sales to streamline their sales process and reach their goals faster. He brings the same strategy to the real estate business by understanding your real estate goals and providing ways to help you get there quickly. Whether he’s sharing good or bad news, his direct and honest approach is admired and appreciated by his clients.

Julian is proud to have recently joined the team at our firm. “I’ve always been impressed with Caskey & Caskey since day one in the business. After meeting everyone on the team, I’m even more excited to be part of the family.”, he says.

As a Hermosa Beach local and South Bay real estate expert, Julian Kasir focuses on making sure his clients have fun while buying and selling their homes. Having been mentored and coached early in his career by the best in the business, he makes the process easy - it’s no wonder his clients turn into friends throughout the process. Click here to get in touch with Julian and allow his experience and expertise to assist you in finding the perfect home today.