Why We Recommend Listing Your Home in the Spring

Did you know that spring is the ideal season to list your home? There are several key factors in making the decision to sell, and market timing is at the top of the list.

1. Timing 
Spring is the ideal time to start the process of moving. Packing boxes and prepping a home takes a few weeks, plus the selling period and a 30-60 day escrow. That leads you right up to an early June move-in. Singles, young professionals, and empty-nesters are then ready to take Summer on, while families have the time to acclimate to a new community before school starts in Autumn. 

2. Weather

It seems simple, but people are more willing to move when the weather is nice. Of course, in Southern California, that’s less of an issue. But with short days, recovery from the holidays, and cold temperatures a better likelihood than warm - people subconsciously avoid house hunting. Once April rolls around, people begin imagining a better life in Summer, which may mean a new place to call home. 

3. Low Interest Rates
We already outlined this in a previous blog, so read all about it here. Long story short - now is the best time to make a move. 

4. Finding the Best Agent 
As many people are looking to move, finding the right Real Estate Agent is even more crucial! The competition will be fierce, and you need the best on your side. An experienced agent with a proven track record will make each step their priority, from marketing your property to getting top dollar for your listing.

With over 30 years in the real estate market in the South Bay, Caskey & Caskey and Associates represent the best in the business.  Contact us today to get your home on the market and take advantage of this unique selling season!

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