Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates to Boost Your Real Estate Investment

Today we are still in a very low interest rate environment with mortgage rates hovering around 3%*.  According to InvestingSimple’s Ed Canty, “…the odds are that low interest rates will continue to be a trend. Post-inauguration, the Federal Reserve has indicated that they will leave interest rates low for the foreseeable future.” Now is the perfect time to take advantage of low rates to boost your real estate investment. Many economic and personal factors go into finding your best available rate.  While you don’t have control over the strength of today’s economy or employment numbers, ensuring that your credit history is in line and determining the size of your down payment are crucial.  Comparing rates from different sources takes some legwork, but it’s worth it if you can finally buy your dream home.

Eventually, potential increases in inflation could drive up mortgage rates, so now is the time to browse our Featured Properties. See how you can best take advantage of today’s competitive rates with our Mortgage Calculator. 

Mortgage Calculator

*Credible Operations, Inc.