Making A First Impression With Killer Curb Appeal

Buyers can tell a lot from a property from their initial impression of the exterior. As a seller, you want to wow them with a fresh and clean facade with complementary landscaping. The goal is for buyers to begin their mental image of them living in your home from the first moment they lay eyes on it. That means a beautiful beginning and no work needed. 

It’s really as simple as taking a walk around the house and fixing what needs to be fixed. Have a dead tree? Cut it down. Have a patchy yard? Re-sod or go sustainable with Astroturf. Boring entryway? Freshen it up with colorful flowers, fresh mulch, and a cute porch bench. Get rid of the old rusty barbeque and either splurge on a new one or forget it was ever there. 

There’s nothing worse than a full to-do list. Increasing curb appeal is as much about first impressions as it is about taking tasks off the new owners' plate while increasing the value of your home. Make sure the paint is fresh; it’ll emphasize the natural architectural highlights of your home while also making it look much younger (a home facelift, if you will). Change out old hardware, repair cracked steps, or replace your crooked mailbox.  

Along those very simple lines, one of the best and easiest curb appeal improvements is cleaning. Make sure your patio furniture isn’t dusty or dirty. Maybe add a few new pillows. Power wash the deck and the siding if you decide new paint isn’t needed. Shake out the doormat; pick up the fallen leaves; scrape the dirt off the porch. A little effort packs a big punch!

Check out the before and after of this curb appeal update from one of our listings:


If you are looking for help sprucing up your curb appeal and getting ready to list your home, give us a call and we will take care of all it for you! 

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