How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

So you’ve decided to put your house on the market and you want to ensure it looks its best to attract potential buyers. There are five key steps, and we recommend giving yourself at least two weeks to complete them so your home will shine when it’s for sale:

  • Curb Appeal: As they say, the first impression is the one that counts, so make sure your home’s landscaping and exterior spaces are inviting. New flowers, clean outdoor pillows and doormats help to create a welcome exterior.

  • Clean, Clear + De-Clutter: If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit, you know how valuable a clean and well-organized home is, and at no time is this more crucial than when you’re getting ready to sell your home! Clean from top to bottom – that means baseboards, ceiling corners, windows, etc. – and then clean again. Clear out any closets, storage rooms and garage areas of any extra stuff you’ve been meaning to give away or sell. De-cluttering allows your home to sparkle and shows off all of the special features that make each room appealing, so get rid of anything that encumbers your living spaces.

  • Quick updates: Quick fixes can really upgrade your rooms and will pay off in getting a higher price for your home. Minor repairs, paint, professionally cleaned carpets and new accessories such as cabinet hardware are worth the investment. The most important room in a home for sale is the kitchen*, so pay extra attention to any upgrades you can make, including new countertops, hardware and/or new appliances if possible.

  • De-Personalize: The goal when selling your home is to create a blank canvas for your buyer, so removing personal items is a must! This includes photos throughout your home, keepsakes, pet accessories and personal collections. Less is more, so put it away, for now.

  • Staging: A professional stager is a specialist in getting your house ready to go to market. They are experts at highlighting the attributes of each home and know exactly how to maximize the space and beauty of your rooms to appeal to potential buyers. Here at Caskey & Caskey and Associates, we are proud to work with the finest staging companies in the South Bay.

For more information and tips, please click on our “Prepare to Sell” page.

Prepare to Sell