Game-Changer: Technology and the New World of Real Estate

Remember Open Houses? A chance to pop into a home you’d been admiring and meet your friendly local Realtor, maybe take home a glossy brochure or their business card. So much has changed in the past year – the way we shop, do business, travel – and one of the most impacted industries has been real estate. Chances are, the way we search for, buy and sell our homes has changed forever. Technology enables the new parameters to take shape, allowing all of us to find our dream house from the comfort of our own home.

House Hunting
Gone are the days of strolling local neighborhoods and squeezing as many open houses as you could into a Saturday. Now, email alerts, social media and virtual tours are available online and create multiple opportunities to find your new home. Our website’s Properties tab takes you to our Featured Listings as well as our Advanced Search page, where you can type in any number of “must-haves” that you’re looking for in your dream house. You can also try a Map Search to see what listings we offer in your favorite neighborhood. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @caskeyandcaskey and @jencaskeyhomes to get daily updates on available listings!

The New Open House
At Caskey & Caskey and Associates, we are proud to offer the latest technology to make your search effortless. Our virtual tours of each property present the opportunity to walk through a home as if you were visiting in person. “Dollhouse” mode allows you to view the home in 3D and you can toggle through each room, moving in any direction you’d like. There’s even a special measuring tool that allows you to measure rooms and spaces! It’s pretty incredible. Or you can kick back and watch high-res, studio-quality videos of your favorite listings, detailing where they’re located in the neighborhood as well as showcasing gorgeous exterior and interior shots of every available residence.

The Importance of a Caskey & Caskey Realtor
While technology has made searching for homes more accessible for everyone, having an expert guide you through the process of buying and selling a home is more crucial than ever. More technology can also lead to misleading information on the web, which is why you need a skillful real estate partner you can count on. Going through our website and connecting with one of our agents here will ensure a smooth and stress-free process from start to finish.

“It cannot be overstated how much technology has changed the real estate industry.”* Here at Caskey & Caskey, we’ve embraced those changes while remaining the most trusted agency in the South Bay.

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