Find Out Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Sell for Profit

Did you know that spring is the ideal season to list your home?   There are several key factors in making the decision to sell, and market timing is at the top of the list:

  1. Market Timing:  Making the decision to list your home is a big one, and timing is everything in the housing market.  With the temperatures getting warmer and people looking toward summer, spring is the perfect time to get it on the market.  Considering it takes a few weeks to get your home ready, combined with a selling period and a 30-60 day escrow, spring is the ideal time to list so that you can move in by summer and get acclimated come fall, especially if you have kids and a new school to prioritize.
  2. Listing Price:  Post Superbowl, forecasters envision a continuation of low interest rates as the pandemic continues to impact our lives.  However, with the new administration in office, government spending could lead to a spike in mortgage rates within a few months.*  Meaning now is the time to take advantage of the current industry landscape, where existing low rates combined with low inventory available to buyers has created the perfect environment for selling your home.  Caskey and Caskey can help you determine the best listing price to bring you the most profit without delay.

  3. Finding the Best Agent:  Finding a partner to assist you in every aspect of selling your home is crucial.  An experienced agent with a proven track record will ensure that each step - from marketing your property to getting top dollar for your listing - will be their number one priority.  

With over 30 years in the real estate market here in the South Bay, Caskey & Caskey and Associates represent the finest agents in the business.  Contact us today to get your home on the market and take advantage of this unique selling season!

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