Easy DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Value

Improving the value of your home doesn’t always mean a major makeover or knocking down a few walls. These easy projects can improve the look and feel – and therefore the value – of your home and can be a fun way to spend the current extra time at home:

Clean Out
As we’ve mentioned in our post “How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell”, cleaning out, de-cluttering and getting organized are paramount to starting fresh. Start by getting three boxes or bags: one each for save, sell and giveaway and just do it! If you can clean out and organize your spaces, you’ll set the stage for additional improvements and begin with a clean slate. Plus you’ll feel better in the process – a clean, well-organized space leads to a clearer mind and feeling of freedom (kind of like getting a really good haircut or losing ten pounds!).

Painting a room is one of the easiest and most economical ways to change your environment and freshen up a room. Many people hesitate because of the color choices out there, which can seem overwhelming. A stress-free way to go about picking a color you’ll love is to narrow down the choices to no more than five, and then paint posterboards (or even sheets of paper) – several of each color - so you can tape them to each wall and see how the color looks in different lighting. That grey you loved might actually look more purple in your selected room, so paint your “chips” and leave them up for a day or two so you can really get a feel for how they’ll look, then go for it! A freshly painted room breathes new life into your space and sets the stage for furniture, lighting and accessories.

New Hardware
Another simple way to upgrade your space is to change out the hardware in your kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom. Great-looking hardware can be found just about anywhere (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target), including Etsy for one-of-a-kind artisanal statement pieces. A quick switch in your kitchen from stainless knobs to brass can give the room an updated look for very little time and investment and will really elevate the space.

Go from room to room and turn on all of the lights. Is it bright enough? Most rooms don’t have enough lighting, and lighting is one of interior designers’ best tricks to create ambiance in a room. The kitchen and bathrooms should have bright, clean light and every installed light in a home should be on a dimmer. To update out-of-date recessed lighting, stores like the Home Depot have retrofit kits you can buy to switch from old-fashioned light bulbs to LED lights, saving you time and money down the road. Don’t be afraid to add floor lamps or table lamps throughout your rooms to create different moods at different times of day. Lighting is everything!

One of the most fun ways to create a good first impression of your home is to update your landscaping. Maybe you’d like to put in more drought-tolerant plants and flowers for easy maintenance, or a gravel path to your front door. Getting outside in the fresh air is not only good for you, it’s a great way to spend time caring for your home and its surroundings. Even a small planter of geraniums by your front door can create an inviting welcome for yourself and your guests. Don’t forget about outdoor lighting too – a well-lit yard and exterior not only looks pretty at night but is a safety asset as well.

Spring is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and make some special improvements to your surroundings. As we’re all spending more time at home, these projects help to elevate both your space and your sense of well-being. These projects not only lift your mood, but add to the value of your home – a win/win you can feel good about.