5 Ways to Get Involved in October

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month – begins this Friday, and at Caskey & Caskey and Associates, we are proud to support efforts to find a cure for the disease that will affect 1 in 8 women in their lifetime*. In fact, breast cancer is the second-most diagnosed cancer in the world behind skin cancer*, giving us all the more reason to get involved to help end this disease.

From October 1 – 31 we are pleased to donate a portion of all sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Donating is just one of the ways to get involved, however. We’ve come up with five ways that you, too, can be an integral part of this crucial effort:

1) Wear pink! Pink is the color that signifies breast cancer awareness and support, and originated from the Susan G. Komen organization in 1982^. Simply wearing pink during the month of October is a good place to start.

2) Participate in fundraisers. Locally, businesses often donate a percentage of their sales this month, and dining at your neighborhood restaurant or shopping at your favorite local store can help make a difference. The seventh annual Terranea Turns Pink is just one example – from October 1-31, a portion of select proceeds from adventure activities to spa treatments at the resort in Rancho Palos Verdes will benefit breast cancer organizations (see terranea.com for more details).

3) Educate yourself! The fight begins with early detection, so make sure you and those closest to you know how and when to get screened. Talk to your doctor about your risk factors and keep the conversation going amongst your friends. Knowledge is power!

4) Do something for someone in treatment. Sometimes a handwritten note or homemade meal is just the simple act of kindness that someone going through a difficult time may need. Even a gesture for a caregiver is greatly appreciated.

5) Volunteer. If you can’t get out and run a local race or volunteer at a specific event, offer to drop off meals, knit caps for cancer patients, or teach your kids about giving back with a lemonade stand. Remember – we’re all in this together!